The Father Son Duo Spotted Something Strange In The Ocean. It Looked Like A UFO

The Father Son Duo Spotted Something Strange In The Ocean. It Looked Like A UFO

Was it a UFO? Was it something else? Take a look...

#3 A Large Floating Object

#3 A Large Floating Object

What started as a pleasant day for fishing ended up as the most shocking day for this father-son duo. During his fishing excursion 25 nautical miles out from Bunbury which is south of Perth, Australia, Mark Watkins and his father came upon a large floating object that terrified them.

Merely by glancing at it, it looked something similar to how a UFO would look (according to humans).

#2 Not A UFO

#2 Not A UFO

The duo went closer and closer to the object. It actually started looking like something extremely alien, a UFO perhaps. It had long, scaly ridges that spanned the entire length of its large circular exterior. And it seemed to be made out of some strange rubber-like material.

As soon as they reached near the object, they realized that it wasn't a UFO. It was something else. Something that shook the guts out of both of them.

Keep reading ahead to see what it was!

#1 The Reality

#1 The Reality

The reality was really shocking. The floating object was actually an inflated whale carcass floating in the waters off Australia. "Its stomach was full of gas so it was all bloated up. When we got closer we realized it had to be a dead whale because of the smell." Watkins said

Locals have never seen something like this. The Whale was about to burst. Authorities think the whale was killed by sharks and has been floating in the water, decomposing for some time now. Well, this was indeed unbelievable!

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