The Death Of Elisa Lam-One Of The Creepiest Unsolved Cases In History

Her body was left to rot in the hotel's water tank for two weeks, while everyone at the hotel drank the contaminated water.

#5 Elisa Lam

#5 Elisa Lam

In recent history, the death of Elisa Lam sure is a puzzling and horrific one. It remains unsolved till this day.

Elisa Lam died at the Stay on Main hotel in Downtown L.A., formerly known as Hotel Cecil.

Elisa was a Canadian student from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She was born on April 30, 1991, and was 21-years-old.

#4 Journey

#4 Journey

Elisa at the time of her death was on a journey to visit all the cities on the West Coast of USA.

Elisa began her journey in January 2013. She first visited San Diego, where she visited the zoo and wrote about the same in her blog. She arrived in Los Angeles on the 26th Of January and checked into the Hotel Cecil. She was supposed to stay there until the end of January. But she never checked out.

#3 Disappear!

#3 Disappear!

Elisa was very close with her family and kept them regularly updated about her whereabouts. When the parents did not get their daily phone call, they were worried. Later when the hotel called up Elisa's room when she had stayed beyond her checkout time, there was still no answer. After which her parents flew down to LA and lodged a missing person complaint.

Two weeks later...Elisa was found but not alive. Dead and naked in the hotel's water tank. Read on to find out more!

#2 Dead

#2 Dead

Around the time when there were posters of Elisa Lam being distributed around the city, asking anyone who knew anything about her to step forward, the folks at Hotel Cecil were having problems of their own.

The guests were complaining that the water in the hotel tasted funny. And had a very strong odor.Which lead to the hotel staff to do a maintenance check on their water tank which lead to a gruesome discovery.

On February 19th, 18 days since her disappearance, Eliza Lam was found in the 4-by-8-foot water tank on the roof of the hotel. Her body was partially decomposed with her clothes and belongings floating next to her.

#1 Mystery

The thing about her death was that the last evidence of her seen alive was in an elevator, where she was behaving pretty weirdly like someone was following her.

And what's more weird is the place where her dead body was found- the hotel's water tank. The water tanks in question were propped up on cement blocks without easy access, and had heavy, difficult to displace lids, which were found closed with the body inside. Access to the roof itself was locked and alarmed. How had Elisa managed to get up there, enter the tank and replace the lid all by herself?

Her autopsy result showed no harm of any kind had been inflicted on her and she had died as a result of accidental drowning.

Watch the video to know more!

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