That One Moment When People Realized They Clearly Underestimated Someone......You Will Be Impressed Too!


#8 Not Your Typical Old Lady

Okay, we all love our Grandmas.(Cmon how can you not love them? Unless they are the sort...wait what sort of Grandmas does one not like? Anyways...) This guy thought he knew everything about his 80-year-old grandma. She had lived through breast cancer twice, double mastectomy, and choosing divorce and single motherhood in an era when you didn't do that. And he knew she was pretty tough. But he never realized how tough!

So, that's when one day at the grocery store in the mid 90's when he was about 10 years old, an incident happened that quite frankly just promoted his grandmother to superhero status.

What happened was, the guy and his grandmother were standing in a line and ahead of them was a gay couple with a bodybuilder dude standing behind them and shouting his hate at them with everything he's got. At one point, the grandma taps him on the shoulder and says,"They aren't hurting you, Leave them be." Mind you, the grandmother is a very tolerant woman.

The bodybuilder says,"What they are doing is disgusting and they shouldn't be around normal people."

And the grandson continues,"My grandmother stares him dead in the eye, deadpan expression, and says, "Sir, I know you don't agree with me or them, but a good stiff one in the bottom might lighten you up."

You could have heard a pin drop. The cashier froze, I froze, the bodybuilder froze, the couple froze. My grandmother just held eye contact. After about 10 seconds, he dropped his eyes, and everybody there realized they were seeing a sort of crushing of his soul. He quietly stepped out of line. My grandmother never said another word about it, except when we got to the car, she looked over at me and said, "Being a grown up bully is a sad thing to be."

The guy could have squashed her like a fly. I was never able to look at her the same anymore. She was an even more mystical type of figure after that."


#7 This one's for all the mullet men out there...

This dude works in construction and he comes across another construction dude who has this mullet that reaches all the way down his back. Since the other dude is already from a rival construction group, everyone starts calling him 'Mullet Man.' That is until they hear about him growing his hair out so that his niece who has cancer can get a wig.


#6 Awwww..

He was eight years younger than her. She had known him for five years or so, when he came up to her and asked her to be his girlfriend. She laughed. But he was hella persistent. Ten blissfully married years later, she's glad he was stubborn enough to keep trying until she said yes.


#5 The more you say no...the more they want it

Co-worker is kinda a pudgy kid, dreams of becoming a Navy Seal. Everyone laughed. But he had the last laugh because he's a Navy Seal now.


#4 We all want a miracle like this one...

You know how in a group project there's always this one guy who never does anything but still ends up getting credit? Credit for your work in other words. What would you do if you got paired with that person again? What would you do?

Well this one person did and he wasn't thrilled about it. But the thing? The slacker guy had a sort of epiphany and guess what he did? He did his part and more. That dude carried them 11/10 stars. It was amazing, group leader asked him to do something, he knocked it out of the park. They literally got a 100% on the project. Top grade in the class. All because he realized he needed to put effort into graduating.


#3 Popular Kids

It's easy to hate the popular kids. Especially if one happens to be your cousin who you don't like much. Just like with this girl whose cousin was like the Queen Bee in high school. But her opinion of the cousin changed when she heard that the cousin ditched her in-house crowd because they made fun of a kid. Funny how one incident makes you proud to know someone you hated.


#2 Don't Underestimate The Shorties

Little girl gets her balloon stuck in a tree and no one...her dad or brother can't get it out no matter how much they try. Then comes along this, 5 foot nothing kid, sees the girl crying, and just jumps up like Spud Webb and grabs the balloon and gives it back to the little girl.


#1 To quote or not to quote....

Dude is having a fight with a customer at the store and to up his intellectual quotient quotes a line from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. The only line he knew. The customer lady in a fit of anger proceeded to give him the next 20 lines of that character's soliloquy, all from memory.
He was owned, big time.


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