Terrifying Moment Man Is Flung Off Waterslide And Falls Off Cliff!

How did this happen?!Oh my god!

#3 The slide was built in a friend's garden!

#3 The slide was built in a friend's garden!

Waterslides are suppose to be fun. I would have never thought twice about going down on one. But now that I have seen this video....I think I will think twice from now on.

Some people might altogether try to avoid them...

David Solomon decides to have a bit of fun on the waterslide in his friend's garden. But trust me when I say does not end well.

#2 He had gone down few times already when this happened....

#2 He had gone down  few times already  when this happened....

The incident took place in Austin, Texas. The waterslide was built overlooking Lake Travis. And just like that, something fun turned dangerous.

David ended up with broken arm, several fractured ribs and multiple lacerations to his back, arms and side.

Solomon still managed to see the funny side and said that he was glad he didn't need surgery! See the video ahead..

#1 Meanwhile the video of his fall has gone viral!

Solomon said to a news channel- "I’d gone down a few times and it was fast. But this time, I just couldn’t slow down, even threw my arm out, and went right over the edge. For a split second, I was like oh no and then it was like a hard crash, and the rest was all just blurry."

Watch the video now!

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