Teenager Gets A Job At Walmart. But What He's Been Doing With The School Supplies. WHOA!


#3 The School Routine

#3 The School Routine

Well, who doesn't remember the "back-to-school" phase after goofing up all day long during vacations! Often, kids have two reactions, the lazy and sad ones feels nostalgic about the time spent freely at their homes whereas the super excited ones are all set to enter the new classes with new zeal!

However, one thing is common for both of them! Both these types will definitely need a backpack which needs to be filled up with the school supplies, books, registers, new pencils and the other requisites!

#2 Walmart's Initative

#2 Walmart's Initative

For buying just enough school supplies, parents really have to spend plentiful from their pockets. There are parents who cannot afford for all that is required for a year. Hence, to support the parents who are not able to chip in for the school supplies of their kids, Walmart introduced the "back-to-school" drive! This drive takes care that each kid gets what's requisite

And this is exactly where this teenager steps in! He did an incredible job to fuel up this drive and it is really heart warming! Listen what he feels in the incredible video ahead..

#1 Generosity Personified

This guy is an employee at Walmart. He simply donates some amount from his paycheck every week to purchasing items for this drive! Now, this is what we call selflessness and generosity personified

Moreover, he has some beautiful things to say..Listen to him in this video here..

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