Teen Mother Posts Chilling Facebook Message Moments After Killing The Baby

The girl is charged with killing her own daughter moments after she was born!

#3 Teen Mother

#3 Teen Mother

The teenage surely lacks maturity and therefore in some countries, they're treated as juveniles for the crimes they commit. However, this incident proves that the convict is absolutely insane!

On an early morning of Friday, someone called up 911 and the emergency crew arrived to find a woman searching for a baby in the lawn outside their home!

#2 She Killed Her Own Baby

#2 She Killed Her Own Baby

Antonia Lopez is a 16-yr old girl who is charged with the killing of her own daughter moments after she was born! She got into labour and gave birth to her daughter inside the apartment. Moments later, she told her mother that she threw her baby out of the window.

Her mother, having called 911, began searching for the baby in the lawn. The emergency crew arrived and rushed to the nearest hospital. But unfortunately, they couldn't make it to the hospital and the baby was announced dead on the way!

This is not the only thing that is disturbing in the whole incident. Antonia posted an insanely crazy message on her facebook account moments after throwing off her baby! Read on to know what she posted!

#1 The Facebook Post

#1 The Facebook Post

This proves that this girl is mentally unstable. Further, it is not the first time that she has been convicted in a crime. She has been accused of theft last time and ran off from home about 8 times before!

The post received around 400 comments of hatred after the news about her dreadful act spread around! She was later taken to the hospital for evaluation and booked into the Douglas County Youth Center on the felony charges on Saturday morning.

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