Target Seems To Be On An Insensitivity Streak And Has No Plans Of Stopping Anytime Soon

This girl walks into Target and what she finds there....She might never see Target the same ever again.

#3 Target

#3 Target

Target has been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

Especially when it comes to some of its merchandise that often hold a deeper and more piercing meaning than the outer humorous one that is portrayed. While most let it go,there are others where in it strikes a cord..a very deep one and are appalled by the outrageous anecdotes of Target and its many marketing strategies.Like this one girl who walks into a Target store and had quite enough with it.

So, what did Target do this time you ask?

#2 It's a sweater

#2 It's a sweater

Target's gone ahead and created a sweater to spread the approaching holiday season's spirit. It claims the sweaters' contents are a play on the words and meant to come of as 'funny.' But guess what? It's not funny. It's downright insulting.

If you are wondering what it said on the said OCD- Obsessive Christmas Disorder.

And just like the girl above.... not many are happy with it.

Yikes right?

#1 Making light of a serious issue

#1 Making light of a serious issue

Target has pissed off quite a lot of people who are miffed with it for using such a serious illness that people struggle with on a regular basis in such a manner.

But Target is showing no signs of stepping down with this product of it's.

A Target spokesperson says, "We never want to disappoint our guests and we apologize for any discomfort. We currently do not have plans to remove this sweater."

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