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#2 Marriage

#2 Marriage

Marriage is the most celebrated occasion in every individual's life. People in love get married or there are arrange marriages. I am sure you must have seen quiet a few weddings here and there. Which is the weirdest wedding you have seen till date? Well, whatever your answer is, after reading this, you'll say that this is the weirdest wedding you've ever known about. I mean, not everyday you read about a 25 year old girl tying the knot with an 85 year old man.

As you can see in the picture, the girl decides to live in a separate room for obvious reasons. We don't blame the girl. But what happens ahead is funny. The other part of the image is on the next page. Take a look...

#1 The Funny Bit

#1 The Funny Bit

So for an 85 year old man, getting lucky once is more than what he can take but this guy comes again. I really loved the conclusion bit where he is clueless about his previous visits. Hahaha. I mean, come on, let's face it, he's an 85 year old man. He will have issues in remembering things. Anyways, all we hope is that you never get such a partner in your life or What if you do? All the best for that...

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