Studies Say Drinking Diet Coke Is Great For Our Health. And Here's Why..

Studies Say Drinking Diet Coke Is Great For Our Health. And Here's Why..

We all love drinking coca-cola and other soda. I mean it's fizzy, full of flavor and quenches our thirst on a hot day. There is nothing better than opening a cold can of soda and gulping straight from the can when you are desperate for a drink..I bet I've made you thirsty now, haven't I ?

#3 Drink It Up !

#3 Drink It Up !

Soda, specifically the flavored ones namely coke, pepsi etc have been one of the most preferred drinks of the mass since decades. As the drink is so wisely advertised that people go for it more often unaware of the fact what it could do to their health.

Though you must have heard that drinking coke not so good for health, but recent studies claim opposite for diet coke..Let's know what it has to say

#2 As This Sugar Isn't That Sweet.

#2 As This Sugar Isn't That Sweet.

A can of Coke contains around six spoons of sugar. That's too much in too little. But that's just the initial thing, after getting into the body this excess amount alters the insulin level, stores in as fat leading to obesity.

It also adversely affects the decreased HDL and increased LDL, elevated blood sugar, elevated triglycerides, high uric acid level and high blood pressure.

Read ahead why you must replace the regular coke with diet coke NOW!

#1 Choose Wisely !

#1 Choose Wisely !

On the other hand, Diet Coke has very fewer calories. It may not be as beneficial a water but it's at least a better choice than a normal coke!!

It is also claimed that diet coke actually reduces the risk of some of the diseases as well!

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