Stranger Kidnaps Child From Public Place. Look How Others React To This

This is how humanity lost its worth.

#3 What Would You Do ?

#3 What Would You Do ?

How would you feel when some stranger walks in from behind and snatches your child putting chloroform over his face ? Terrified, right ? But does that mean you would turn blind eyed when something such horrifying happens to someone else's child ?

This guy from China shoots video showing how the public reacts when he tries to pretend a kid from various public places.

#2 Even Though He Wasn't Real !

#2 Even Though He Wasn't Real !

The guy and this kid were just playing a part of a kidnapper and the victim boy. They went place to place to see how the general people would react and shot every scene. But what they'd seen kept them stunned. They choose public parks, malls, busy roads, but every where the outcome was same.

Go ahead to see the end result in the video..

#1 Mankind Came To Light.

At each and every place, people looked at the incident as if nothing was happening. Not a single human showed up to fight back against this odd. Where did all the generosity go ? Is this what you'd done if, unfortunately, that was your child?

Watch the entire video below of how they put civility to shame.

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