Spotting This In Your Room Cannot Be Good. Look What This Is...

This is far more dangerous than what it looks to be. Read to know more...

#5 Privacy

#5 Privacy

With each and every step towards modernization, we are also heading towards our lack of safety and protection. Technology has made entire process of invading someone's privacy so detailed that it is almost impossible to figure if or when something is wrong.

Even little hooks like this in the picture can make your lives miserable. At least this is what the latest reports suggest.

#4 Detectives Investigating

#4 Detectives Investigating

These coat hooks are actually carrying something that can ruin your life. The appearance might trick you but this is mighty dangerous.

This thing is so much into the news that Detectives in the Upper Keys are investigating the matter as this cannot be taken lightly.

Keep reading ahead to see what this is.

#3 The Coat hook

#3 The Coat hook

Just so that you know, these coat hooks are actually spy cameras. Many of these coat hooks are actually a high-tech spy cameras that sends out every single detail about what you did in the room out.

After a recent run in in Florida, detectives are investigating reports of hidden camera planted in numerous women's restrooms. That is where these are found the most.

#2 The Scary Part

#2 The Scary Part

The scariest part here is that anyone can buy these cameras online. They are cheap and readily available under the tag 'Home Security'. But needless to say, they aren't used as a part of home security.

These spy cameras are motion activated. When someone enters the bathroom or wherever they are placed, they turn on.

#1 The Video

Hidden camera technology has drastically changed in the recent years. I mean, look at this one. Who would've thought that there lies a camera right inside.

Checkout the video here...

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