Soulja Boy and Cash Me Ousside Girl Fight It Out On Twitter!

Some people just love creating fools of themselves on public platform. This duo isn't any different!

#5 Soulja Boy V/S "Cash Me Ousside" Girl!

#5 Soulja Boy V/S

Remember the "Cash Me Ousside, Howbow Dah" girl from Dr.Phil? Well, her recent most claim to fame is the twitter feud with Rapper Soulja Boy.

Both, desperate for publicity and "visibility" have given the world numerous reasons to pelt them in the last few months. Here is another!

#4 Soulja Boy!

#4 Soulja Boy!

This rapper loves the media frenzy and his social media account is usually the one that sparks it!

Till a few weeks ago he was taking twitter digs at Singer-Songwriter Chris Brown, until the more sensible of the two, Brown, pulled out of the "fight"

#3 "Cash Me Ousside"


Danielle Bregoli is the fitting example of how kids should not be raised. After her much public stunt with her mother on Dr. Phil, the girl has gone on twitter to unleash a slew of mean tweets on the rapper - UNNECESSARILY!

Guess moolah and fame don't work for all!

#2 The Twitter War!

#2 The Twitter War!

Bregoli's midnight tweet is what started this "war". On her simple, but very unwarranted "f*** you" to Soulja Boy, the rapper replied with a "F*** you too little ugly b***h."

And then came the capital letters: "I MADE MORE MONEY THIS WEEK THAN YOU DID LAST YEAR. GO CUDDLE WITH YOUR DRACO HO,"Danielle fired back, followed by some taunting emojis.

#1 This Is Just Crazy!

#1 This Is Just Crazy!

No one has been able to understand the girl's constant frustration in life and this greedy need for attention, and this feud just makes it even difficult!

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