Son Hears Siren And Screams 'I'm Scared For Daddy', Then Mom Realizes She Can't Hide The Truth

The 9-yr old was face-timing with his dad when he this happened!

#3 Eddie calls Ed

#3 Eddie calls Ed

It's not a surprise that cops have gotten a bad reputation, all thanks to a chosen few who have took over the respect that these "blue uniform" guys deserve. This one Facebook post shared by Shanon Pisarek enlightens the world with the other side of the story and it is so beautiful to read!

This all started with 9-yr-old Eddie was face-timing with Daddy Ed to find some help with finding night raw on TV.

#2 The call gets disrupted

#2 The call gets disrupted

In the middle of their conversation, Eddie heard the sound of sirens and since Ed cut off the line saying he would be back soon made him more fearful! Shanon writes, that it is for the first time in his 9-yr-old life, that he faced such experience and so he sobbed.

She writes, "I tried to tell him that this is what daddy deals with every night, that daddy always chases bad guys, but doesn't daddy always come home? But the more I tried to console him, I realized that I had nothing to say to ACTUALLY make him feel better. I realized that it is scary, and that it is real life...And that as the family of a police officer, this is what we have to feel. This is our normal"

His two sisters also joined him and when he narrated them what he heard, they started crying too leaving Shanon with three crying kids. But soon the phone ringed.

Read ahead to find out what news was on their way with the call..

#1 Respect

#1 Respect

It was Ed on the phone line. Shanon and their three kids attended the face-time call together. Looking at them Ed could only laugh! All he could say was,"You guys know daddy is superman. I always come home." Then he went back to showing Eddie what he needed on the tv. And all was right in his little world again

Tough life, ain't it? They truly deserve every ounce of our respect!

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