Solved! The truth behind that amazing photograph of a fitness fanatic dangling above a Brazilian beach

These pictures are showing a daredevil fitness fanatic working out on his stomach muscles by dangling upside over a Brazilian beach, it looks scary, right?Read till last to know interesting things.

This photograph appeared to show Luis hanging by his feet in the air and using his abs to hold himself in the position high above the beach with a 1000ft drop at Pedra do Telegrafo, Brazil.

Luis Fernando Candela has prepared himself in the gym to perform every dangerous stunt, this is the most dangerous task that he performed at 1000ft above a Brazilian beach.

He also took a girl with him who takes some extraordinary photograph in which soar up the wall that is 299 meters above sea level. These photographs also encourage other people to check their strength and climb up the cliff.

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Luis Fernando Candela shows this photograph to motivate other people just to create similar photo and initially, the girl was not ready but Luis determination changed the situation.

This girl deserves a gold medal for her upper body strength and she believe in Luis Fernando Candela made her successfully doing this. This is the incredible photograph that can motivate girls to show their strength.

When the truth is found out, the photograph “incredible” became just “beautiful”. Unbelievable that this young man apart from being fearless might also like to keep the good shape of his body.

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The photographs that have inspired many people to go through Luis’ are tricks with a camera. The truth is that the height of the cliff is about 274 meters above the sea level, but there is a platform only a few meters below.

Luis Fernando Candela revealed when we cut a stone below, and the camera is placed in the angle upward toward the water, we get the illusion that this person is risking his life. He has taken this entire photograph to motivate people and many people after watching this have shown their hidden strength.

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