Soldier Starts Singing 'Call Me Maybe'. But I Was In Stitches When I Saw What His Friend..

What's more, when the entertainers are the veterans from the military things naturally get more unimaginable.

#3 Not So Serious Soldiers.

#3 Not So Serious Soldiers.

Talking about soldiers depicts serious fighter image with guns and bullets. But these warhorses are way too cool to turn down that image as they lip sync and record a famous hit from 2012 by Carly Rae Jepsen! Guess the song, maybe?

Yes, you are close!

#2 Cheerleaders Became Their Inspiration.

#2 Cheerleaders Became Their Inspiration.

These US Army people who were sent to Afghanistan were moved by Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders’ execution on the tune and decided to do the same in return on the famous Jepsen's track 'Call me, Maybe'

Watch the entire video ahead.

#1 Ending Is A Real Steal !

The entire video is a treat to watch but what these folks did towards the end will surely get your moved ! These soldiers trippin' on this song changed their serious-warhorse image and broke the generalization associated with them

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