Shocking! A Pregnant Man Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

We have seen stranger things happening in world but this cannot be stranger than anything else, a man gave birth to a baby in Germany.

#4 Who Is Thomas Beatie?

#4 Who Is Thomas Beatie?

Undergoing a change in gender is a completely acceptable process though not so accepted in our society. But yes, slowly we are reaching there where such people are looked at but not stared upon. Sometimes we just find that attributes and connection is more to the other sex than your own. So it is a very normal process. That doesn't mean that they are any less than us. They are just as capable of achieving great heights as the rest of us.

A gender change is still something I am sure you have heard of but have you ever heard a man giving birth to a child? Meet Thomas Beatie, the first man ever to make it happen. So, the question is, who exactly is Thomas Beatie?

Read Ahead To Know More Exciting Things About Him.

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