She was Singing Ed Sheeran's Song In The Mall. What Happened next is Amazing...

She was singing Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. What happened next is unexpected. Take a look...

#3 That Moment

#3 That Moment

It always feels great when you get to see a glimpse of your favorite celebrity live. Millions of people all around the world die to experience something like this.

But when such things happen unexpectedly out of nowhere at the least expected place, you don't know how to react. This is what happened with this girl singing in the mall.

#2 Stepped On The Stage

#2 Stepped On The Stage

Ed Sheeran was visiting a shopping mall in West Edmonton, Canada recently when he heard a girl singing one of his songs. He started walking towards the performance area.

No one at the performance area had any idea about the surprise they were just about to receive. Sheeran reached there and stepped on the stage. The reaction of the girl who was singing the song is priceless.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened next.

#1 The Video

As the video below starts you can see Ed walking along with a cheeky grin on his face as he approaches the girl. Everyone around him is shocked.

What he does next is soothing. Checkout the video below to see that.

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