She Was Told To Wear A Bra Because Her Teacher Was 'Uncomfortable'. Her Response? Amazing!

They're calling her Braless Warrior.

#3 Her Dressing Sense Was Questioned.

#3 Her Dressing Sense Was Questioned.

The struggles about the uniforms and strict dress codes in the school are still on the check, but this girl had some other issues to look after.

Kaitlyn Juvik,18 years old was called to her principal's office about one such matter! And it was shocking!

#2 Her Peers Took a Stand For Her.

#2 Her Peers Took a Stand For Her.

According to the vice principal, the male teachers were uncomfortable as Kaitlyn chose not to wear a bra!

She had the best response to such an interruption! Kaitlyn posted a picture with the same dress asking if it was that indecent. Not only this, one of her friends, Brooke Lanier, created a Facebook page name "No Bra, No Problem" and many girls from her school moved out without bra under their uniform.

What happened next, will surely amaze you. Read ahead to know..

#1 The Braless Warrior.

#1 The Braless Warrior.

Not only girls, even a 17 year guy Samuel Tinsley went on wearing a bra to protest the seemingly inappropriate and immature act of the administration.

Nothing could've stopped her with all the support she received. She completed her graduation in cosmetology from Spokane, Washington and is proudly being called the "Braless Warrior".

She says, "I feel suffocated wearing a bra. So anybody who has a problem with that should just look the other way and get over it."

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