She Was Sleeping In The Dirt Outside His Home. What He Built For Her? I'm In TEARS...

This is so good...

#3 Poverty

#3 Poverty

If you do some research, you'll be stunned to know the amount of world's population living their lives in unstable condition. More than half of the world's population is poor and homeless. Why go anywhere else when here in New York City itself, there are a record number of homeless people, with close to 60,000 men, women, and children on the streets. Shocking, isn't it?

The thought is simple, if we can, we should help poor people and with help, we don't even mean monetary help. This is exactly what this man did. Sometimes, we can even make a difference in someone's life without giving them money. Check out the further pages to know this story completely!

#2 The Story

#2 The Story

So here's the story. Elvis Summers of Los Angeles knew he could give a homeless person something of greater value than cash, something that might otherwise be unattainable on their own. Elvis took a liking to his 60-year-old homeless neighbor, Smokie, who had been sleeping in the dirt on his street and would stop by his home asking for cans.

It helps make life easier, but at the end of the day, money really can't buy us happiness. This is exactly what Elvis did. To give her happiness, he Gave Smokie something that she can use and not money. Check out the next page to see how he made her happy without giving her any money...

#1 The Video

So one morning, Elvis read something. He read about a man who jumped on board with the Tiny House Movement and was helping make homes out of discarded material for the homeless. That's when he was inspired to give Smokie a place of her own. As you can see in the time-lapse video he made, the house is far more valuable than the cash.

The house that he built's is outstanding and Smokie's reaction to it is even more brilliant. So check out the video to know her reaction. Also, it's a humble request to all you people, please help the one's who need it. Helping others will just make this world a better place to live in.

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