She Spent Her Life In A Plastic Bowl, But The Reason Is Heartbreaking..

This is so sad!

#5 The Unknown Suffering

#5 The Unknown Suffering

The saddest of the suffering is when you cannot even decipher the cause of the pain and you can only feel helpless for the situation!

This is most relatable with Rehama, a Nigerian kid, who lives a life, we can never even imagine..

#4 Born Healthy

#4 Born Healthy

She was pretty healthy when she was born, but soon when she was about 6-months old, things started to change and took an unimaginative turn!

Since then, she has been living or rather suffering her life in a plastic bowl.. The reason will shock you..Keep reading to find out..

#3 The Girl With No Limbs

#3 The Girl With No Limbs

Her mother noticed that she wasn't able to crawl and her arms and legs aren't developing. They soon noticed that her limbs simply STOPPED developing making it difficult or rather impossible for her to walk or even crawl.

#2 The Pain

#2 The Pain

If that wasn't worse that could've happened to her, a severe pain also struck her. She suffered from terrible stomach ache followed by the pain in her arms and legs.

It made her completely reliable on her family for all her needs who fulfills it without any complaints. Hence, she has been living in the plastic bowl for many years now.

They tried seeking for medical help. Read ahead to know what the doctors had to say..

#1 15 years of wait

#1 15 years of  wait

Seemingly, the family could not afford huge fees by the doctors..Even the wheelchair in which the family carries her has been donated by someone they met at the supermarket..

The entire family has spent around 15 years in a hope that she'll get better soon. With the social media, they hope to attract charitable trusts who can help to end their sufferings

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