She Put On A Bunny Suit And Asked Men To Unzip Her. What Happens Next Is Hilarious!.

This prank is absolutely hilarious. The guys are helpful and lend a hand when she asks for it, but they had NO idea they were in store for TWO hilarious things to happen. Watching their reactions had me LAUGHING!

#3 Pranks

#3 Pranks

If any person or a girl in particular asks you for help, what do you do? You obviously will help her, right? Well that's what a gentleman would do. Helping someone who's in need makes you a better person, it makes you feel good about yourself and also gives you a positive outlook to the world.

But what if you are trying to be really nice to someone who's in need and it turns out that person ended up pulling a hilarious prank on you? This reminds me, this janitor who pulled off The Most Perfect Prank To Annoy People During Snow. Pranks are a good way of spreading humor and playing around with people. But make sure you prank people in a way that they are not offended because some don't take take them as sportingly. So this girl puts on a bunny suit and pranks people, let's see what happens next .

#2 Talk About Being Hilarious

#2 Talk About Being Hilarious

This prank starts with a cute girl wearing a bunny suit goes to guys and asks them to help her unzip her bunny suit. What would you do if a girl comes up to you and asks you to unzip her bunny suit?

These gentlemen who helped her unzip, discovered that she was wearing nothing but a hot swim bikini, they couldn't help but stand there admiring her flawless beautiful skin and her mesmerizing curves. The best part comes after they are done helping her unzip when she runs towards the tree ahead and pretends to pee standing like a man. Those men were shocked and their reaction is definitely worth watching. Go ahead to watch the video.

#1 Video

What would your reaction be if something like that happens with you? Would it be something like reaction of these gentlemen or would it be something different? Watch to find out.

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