She Lets Him Rub Suncream On Her, Then Turns Over To Reveal An UNEXPECTED Surprise!

I can't stop laughing.

#3 Beat The Heat.

#3 Beat The Heat.

If you're a guy, you exactly know this feeling. Imagine you're at the beach during summer and looking out for hot girls taking sun bath in those sizzling beach costume and somewhere out of the blue, a girl calls upon to give a hand to apply sun cream on her back.

How many times have you been lucky this way ? Well, these guys were about to have one of those dreams come true when this super hot girl run into them.

But it ain't this easy!

#2 The Ball Is In Her Court !

#2 The Ball Is In Her Court !

She lets them rub her back with the lotion while involving them in the conversation about their future and how they can work on some plans together. But the moment she turns over, and boom. What they saw was way beyond their imagination. Keep reading to know..

When their dreams were just about to shatter, look what this girl has to say! Check the video ahead. *wink*

#1 Flight Of Fancy Comes To Halt.

So, out of the shock, just as the guys were moving out in deep concussion, she points out to the camera. Yeah, they were one of the on air pranksters and the guys just got trolled.

Watch the whole scene how the men moves away taking their puppy face and trying to get over the shock.

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