She Left This Teacup Poodle In The Elevator, But What Was Caught On Camera Next? NO WORDS

Literally, No Words!

#3 Man's Faithful Friend

#3 Man's Faithful Friend

There's a saying that man's best friend are books and the most faithful friend is a dog. This article just proves this right. Moving on, there's a 5-year-old teacup poodle named Nala who has been making the rounds at a local retirement home and putting a smile on the many residents there.

This is brilliant as well as emotional. Her owner, who works there, brings her into work every day, and immediately she runs to the elevator and starts doing her rounds, visiting all the residents! Her owner doesn't end up seeing her until the end of the day. Wanna know Why? Check out the further pages...

#2 Therapy Dog

#2 Therapy Dog

Continuing the story, this poodle we mentioned before is not a "therapy dog" as she has never had any training for such a role, she nevertheless instinctively visits each resident and enjoys cuddling up to them. This is such a nice gesture. This Puddle makes everybody feel good. Check out the video on the next page and you'll understand what we are saying...

#1 The Video

This Poodle even spent extra time with one particular patient who she somehow sensed was not doing well. The patient ended up passing on only hours later.The residents adore this heaven sent dog and you can see clearly in the video how it really brightens their day immensely. I mean, not everyone possess such enlighten powers.

This poodle makes everyone's day there. This is just one of her stories, there are plenty more. This video will tell you everything about this tiny little angel. This is emotional stuff. So without wasting much time, check out this video...

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