She Killed Her 4 Month Old Baby Cruelly For This Disgusting Reason...

This just makes me incredibly sad. Disgusting human being! Take a look...

#3 Anti-Social Elements

#3 Anti-Social Elements

This world is becoming disgusting with every passing day. No matter how much we try to eliminate Anti-Social Elements like racism, sexism etc, people tend to apply them irrespective.

Now this is one story where a Mother herself stabbed her 4 month old daughter to death.

#2 The Entire Story

#2 The Entire Story

On 26th of August Neha Goyal, stabbed her 4 month old baby Mahika 17 times. So story goes like: Neha, a resident of Jaipur, started shouting in panic about her baby not being found.

The baby was stuffed in an air-conditioner and was covered with a blanket. Hospital declared the baby dead on arrival.

Keep reading ahead to see how this mother admitted her crime and the reason behind killing her daughter.

#1 The Reason

#1 The Reason

Police investigation started and they suspected that it was someone within the family who was responsible for this job. Samples were taken and forensic tests were performed.

Well, the blood matched that of Neha and this is how they arrested her. She admitted to this crime and the reason was shocking. She killed her daughter as she wanted a SON. Neha said that she was so obsessed to have a son that she even tried surrogacy and performed pujas. Since they are wealthy family of 13, money wasn't a big concern for them. Now this is disgusting.

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