She Had An Amazing Time On Her Tinder Date Until She Read This Text

Tinder dates are complete minefield!

#3 The Tinder Date

#3 The Tinder Date

While all of us know how superficial and fake tinder dates are, but then, sometimes, they are much more than that! They are rude, uncalled and often ruthless! You put yourself in the most vulnerable state to call for uncalled judgments from complete strangers!

But this one made me learn how to pill off the uncalled advises really well

Michelle Thomas went for a tinder date with a guy and she thought it was pretty awesome until she received this heartbreaking message! But she planned to completely OWN the situation!!

#2 The Shocking Message

#2 The Shocking Message

This guy was pretty amazed with her personality which is funny, loving and charming. He himself admitted that she is "cheeky and funny and just the sort of girl he would love to go out with" but then something was a HUGE turn off!!

The reason completely shocked me

In his own words, he writes, "whilst I am hugely turned on by your mind, your face, your personality (and God, I really, really am), I can't say the same about your figure. So I can sit there and flirt and have the most incredibly fun evening, but I have this awful feeling that when we got undressed my body would let me down. "

This came to me as a pure insult to Michelle and even to her..hence, she decided to pen down the most amazing reply she could have ever sent! Read it out in the next section!

#1 Her Reply Was Best

#1 Her Reply Was Best

" Dear Men On Tinder", she writes and then she never looked back to what he thought she was! It is always difficult for even a stone overweight girl to impress people around! Not that we want to impress someone, but then deep down it takes too long for someone to fall for us!

But with this message, she completely nails it! Here're some bits of the most amazing reply she sent the "dear" tinder guy!

"Your tone is saccharine and condescending, but the forensic detail in which you express your disgust at my body is truly grotesque. The only possible objective for writing it is to wound me.

And I'm ashamed to say, for a few moments, it worked. You stirred a dormant fear that every woman who was ever a teenage girl has- that it doesn't matter how funny you are, how clever, how kind, how passionate, how loyal, how determined or adventurous or vibrant -if you're a stone overweight, no one will ever find you desirable."

"I'm pretty upfront about who I am: I describe myself as a woman who loves pizza, and include links to myInstagram page, where I have the #everybodysready bikini shots I took on my 30th birthday. I like to think I come across as a confident, happy woman. But could this be the very reason you have targeted me? Did you see me and think "She has far too high an opinion of herself, she needs bringing down a peg or two"? I have to ask – we all know the internet is a dangerous place to be a woman with opinions (I discovered this first hand when I ventured a response to those obnoxious bloody adverts)."

What she writes next, is beyond powerful!

What truly concerns me, the real reason I'm responding so publicly, is the fact that you have a 13 year old daughter. A talented illustrator, who collects Manga comics and wants to visit Japan as soon as possible.

I want you to encourage your daughter to love, enjoy, and care for her body. It belongs to her and only her. Praise her intellect, and her creativity. Push her to push herself and to be fearless. Give her the tools to develop a bomb-proof sense of self-esteem so that if (I'll be kind. I'll say "if".) the time comes that a small, unhappy man attempts to corrode it, she can respond as I do now.

Now, that's how you nail it!!

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