She Gets Her Seat Next To A Fat Passenger In Flight And Creates A Scene On Board.

She Gets Her Seat Next To A Fat Passenger In Flight And Creates A Scene On Board.

Getting an overweight co-passenger irritated her to such extend.

#3 While On Board.

#3 While On Board.

Travelling let's you experience many things. Especially, when you are travelling all by yourself. Adventure. Peace of mind. Meeting new people and being friends with them. Exploring new places and food. But the list begins the moment you step out of your house with your backpack.

This is the story of a woman who had boarded her flight and was all seat to grab her seat. But something was nudging her.

#2 Her Journey Wasn't A Happy One.

#2 Her Journey Wasn't A Happy One.

Making a journey via flight may save time but those longs hours within a certain area where you're seated is a tedious job. You obviously need a happening environment as you have a long distance to measure. But something was making this woman unhappy. She couldn't stand her overweight co-passenger. She had even complained to the air hostess but never seemed to work in her favour.

Rather she had to pay for this. Look what they'd done to her, on the next page.

#1 Her God Damn Phone.

Everyone turned deaf ear to her inappropriate comment but she wasn't ready to give up this early. Even though, the cabin crew had warned her for her ill behavior, she took her phone out and recorded every thing. This got onto the nerve of the crew and they'd snactched away her phone.

She kept screaming to give back her "God damn phone" saying they didn't know who her husband was.

Watch the entire conversation below in the video.

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