She Fills A Sock With Epson Salt - Her Next Step Makes This Absolutely Brilliant

During these chilly winter months, staying in is a normal occurrence along with something else...

#4 Winter Problems

#4 Winter Problems

The winter season brings with it a host of problems. Chapped lips, snowed in driveways, weather that makes you not want to go to work at all. Although we can't help you by making the weather warmer,we can still help you out in other ways.

What other ways? Well we have already shown you how to handle chapped lips, remove frozen ice off your windshield and even how to make your house warmer.

So what new trick will we be teaching you today to help you deal with winter?

#3 All You Need

#3 All You Need

A common occurrence in winter is an ear infection. It could happen at any time to any member of your family. Don't worry. Today we give you a hack that will provide instant relief from your ear infection.

All you need are some white socks and course Epsom salt. You'll need about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of Epsom salt for this remedy, or just enough to fill the foot part of the sock. It really is that simple...

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