She Drops Her Groceries After A Man Rudely Bumps Into Her, But Watch The Man In White!

#3 Act Of Kindness

#3 Act Of Kindness

Humanity is very rare now a days. Showing humanity is equivalent to helping 1000 people selflessly. There are certain questions in my mind. What will you do if you see an old women struggling with her commodities because someone just bumped into her? What will you do if a guy sleeps with a board that asks for a favor? Confused?

Now before you get more confuse, let us tell you that all these answers depends upon your humanity level. Get ready to smile selflessly because we are about to show you the best thing on Internet today. Take a look

#2 Kindness Experiment

#2 Kindness Experiment

So before we show you the video, let us tell you little about the video.

So Action Productions did a short kindness experiment on the people of London, to see if people would actually help in the types of situations previously listed. This experiment had a hilarious twist, transforming the flash mobs we know and love into kindness mobs! When a stranger stopped to help someone in need, they were rewarded with a wonderful musical treat. I'm willing to bet, those people probably had a smile on their face for the rest of the day. Although not all kind deeds are rewarded with a kindness mob, the feeling you get when you help someone can not be matched!

#3 Video

So finally here it is. The video that we were talking about. This video will indeed make you smile. See and then try to apply the same kind deeds in your everyday life also. The point is that, IF ALL OF US START DOING ONE GOOD THING FOR OTHERS EVERYDAY, THIS WORLD WILL BECOME A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN. Enjoy!

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