She Dies While Pregnant - Then Her Husband Does The Only Thing He Thinks Might Help

If this isn't moving, I don't know what is...

#4 The Miracle

#4 The Miracle

If you are a dreamer and waiting to see a miracle, do not give up. Miracles do happen. It at least happened in Melanie and Doug Pritchard's life.

Both of them thought that Melanie's pregnancy will just end like every other normal pregnancy with a beautiful kid in hand but unfortunately, the life is sadly not this simple.

#3 Things Got Worse

#3 Things Got Worse

As soon as Melanie got pregnant, she started feeling unwell. The feeling didn't go and stayed right till the end. Suddenly, she began convulsing, and everything on her monitors started flat-lining. Melanie was rushed to the emergency room for a C-section.

This wasn't normal at all. She was dying. She was in a very critical situation. She was dying from a rare allergic reaction during pregnancy that caused her heart and lungs to shut down. Eventually, she died.

Something very disturbing will be unfolded ahead.

#2 Gabriella's Mom

#2 Gabriella's Mom

So Melanie was declared clinically dead when her daughter was delivered. Things just got scattered in Doug's life. Now he had a daughter whom he named Gabriella but his loving wife was dead.

Doctors were able to resuscitate Melanie, though she was unconscious. Doctors asked everyone to bid their final goodbyes to Melanie but Doug asked Melanie to fight with whatever she had left, not wanting their daughter to grow up without a Mom.

#1 The Miracle Of This Story

Just a day after being declared dead, Melanie was moved to the Mayo clinic for one final surgery. The chances of her survival were really dim. Doug did his best to tell her how great she was doing and how much she was loved, and Melanie's sister brought in a picture of Gabriella so she could see her at least once.

It worked. The picture worked. Many prayers of support were sent for Melanie. And she soon started recovering. Miraculously, both Melanie and Gabriella are completely fine, with no lasting effects. The picture of Gabriella did a miracle indeed!

Checkout this video below.

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