She Cuts Open This HUGE Cockroach With A Knife.. And What She Finds Inside?

She adores sunning her visitors by serving them unusual edibles.

#3 Spooky Medical Caretaker.

#3 Spooky Medical Caretaker.

Katherine Dey, a 30 year old enlisted medical caretaker is famously known for her nasty gesture to entertain her visitors as she serves them some creepy and shudder-some aliment.

This time, she has something even more ghoulish food stuff to serve. A huge cockroach. But when she cuts it, you won't believe what you've seen at first after seeing the inside of this freaking insect.

#2 Mind Taking A Bite ?

#2 Mind Taking A Bite ?

What would you do if you're served this giant obnoxious insect to eat ? Throw away would fit fine here! Though cockroaches are enjoyed as a part of meal in some parts of the countries, this still cannot convince or tempt many to eat it right away. I cannot even think of getting my spoon on this. Never

But before you take any action, learn what this wag lady actually is putting on your plate. See the video ahead..

#1 Suspense Revealed.

Katherine had tricked everyone by making a cake look like a cockroach. Yeah. Even i couldn't believe this myself until watching the video of making of this ugliest creature. If you still have doubts, click on the video below and see it yourself and try this with your friends and seem them freaking out when they see it for the first time.

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