She Called Him A Dirty Biker, This Is What His Reply Was...

This heart warming post will force you to think about all those moments where you judged a person without knowing them. Take a look...

#3 Judgmental Humans

#3 Judgmental Humans

We humans are really funny. We tell others how we should not 'judge a book by its cover' but we ourselves love judging people on the basis of their appearance.

That's what it was like for biker-father Luc Perreault when he walked into a Tim Horton's in Canada. What was about to happen wasn't good by any chance.

#2 A Dirty Biker

#2 A Dirty Biker

As soon as Luc entered Tim Horton's, he met a sweet, little girl who just saw a nice man she wanted to say hello to. They just exchanged hellos when the mother of this little girl entered.

She pulled her by the hand and that's when Perreault heard her call him a "dirty biker" under her breath. He was obviously hurt. His reply?

Keep reading ahead to see his reply.

#1 The Post

#1 The Post

He started by writing, "To the family in the red SUV at Tim Horton's today...

He further wrote, "Yes I am a big 280lbs guy with motorcycles and full of tattoos. I am a welder, I am loud, I drink beer, I swear, and I look like I would eat your soul if you stare at me wrong."

He further continued, "What you don't know is that I have been happily married for 11 years, my kids call me daddy, I am a college graduate. My mother is proud of me and tells everyone how lucky she is to have such a wonderful son, my nieces and nephews are always happy to see there m'noncl Luc, when my daughter broke her arm, I cried more than she did. "

"I read books, I help people, I go out of my way to thank war veterans and I even cried at Armageddon." Now this is a point well made, right?

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