See How A Traffic Camera Captures A Paranormal Activity.

Look at this traffic cam recording for yourself !!

#5 Routine Day

#5 Routine Day

Just like another day, the roads were all good but..

Sometimes traffic cameras capture something very odd and bizarre that will make us feel nauseous

Look at that truck just doing fine like every other vehicle.

Watch what happens now !!

#4 Levitation ??

#4 Levitation ??

Two vehicles in a row just start to boogie down all of a sudden ... Something unexplainable taking place! It seems like they are being pulled up by something. But is it now...really? What is happening!?

#3 Like 2 of them isn't enough !!

#3 Like 2 of them isn't enough !!

Then again, a third vehicle does the same..

After the two vehicles behave in a weird way, a third car nearby happens to show some odd behaviour too......Obviously people all around are freaked out. And the traffic comes to a standstill.

#2 Look carefully

#2 Look carefully

Don't you think something is wrong with that truck??

Now If you look carefully, The truck beside the third car is slowing down..

Doesn't that mean something is wrong with it??

#1 The Truth

Well all this might seem very weird but..

Sometimes even a cam can create illusions..

Watch the video below to know the truth behind this incident..

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