SCORNED Wife Find Out Her Husband Is Cheating. So She Posts THIS On Facebook-No Mercy!

She TOTALLY Showed Him.

#3 Breach of Trust

#3 Breach of Trust

A relation can never work lopsidedly, and nothing could be worst than to find out about your partner cheating on you.

When this lady, Melanie, awakened to the fact that her husband is double-crossing on her with some girl named Jennifer, she didn't allow this defraud to take a toll on her and answered back to Jennifer by a Facebook post for what she had done to her family.

#2 Don't Mess With Her.

#2 Don't Mess With Her.

Melanie continued her letter to fancy the woman with what all she'll have to deal with. As she began, she said, not only from now on Jennifer will have her husband but also with him comes certain responsibilities.

From being his financial supporter to buying him clothes, from letting him visit his children alone to facing his long lost manhood, from accepting what he calls her to gulping the accusation he might throw up on her later, she has to take it all..

But what she says further is commendable..Read ahead to know

#1 No Bullshits Accepted !

Melanie ends her letter stating that she would make it a hobby to hurt both of them equally as their actions have hurt her children as well. With closing lines. making it very certain of not having him back in her life, she wrote "HE'S ALL YOUR'S!"

Have a look at the video when she catches him red-handed.

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