Rude Husband Criticizes Wife After Delivery, Then Doctors Are Blindsided By Wife's Reaction

Shocked at it!

Giving birth to a baby is definitely the most difficult thing and the new mum craves for complete support from her husband. It is definitely heartbreaking to see someone talking rudely at that point in time.

When Dr Brian Synder walked out of the hospital, he found a woman going into the labour inside the truck. Soon he realised that there's not enough time to delay the process and hence he wanted to operate the woman inside the truck.

Quickly he called the nurses and made the arranged to perform the surgery on the front seat of the truck.

Andrea's baby couldn't wait to come to the world, as she pushed the baby, the umbilical cord got tangled around his neck. That's when everybody was stunned, and Brian Synder told Andrea to stop pushing

Read on to know what happened next.

The doctor slowly untangled the umbilical cord and as the doctor succeeded in doing so, everybody breathed a sigh of relief! Next, the doctor asked Andrea's husband if he would like to cut the umbilical cord

Instead of lovingly complete the process, Andrea's husband, seeing the condition of his new truck retorted rudely at Andrea as to why she couldn't hold the baby for 15 minutes.

This made every shocked and emotional at the same time. But what Andrea did next was absolutely correct. Read on to see the entire video ahead!

Here's the video of the incident

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