Rescuers Try Saving 8 Pups From Cave Left Shocked When They Get A Closer Look

That made me go speechless!

Rescue missions often get extremely difficult. Many times, they don't even go as planned and the rescuers also end up getting hurt. But every rescue mission is worth the happiness it brings!

Hope for Pawns is one of the rescue teams who performs such rescue operations to save the puppies!

They reached the location when someone informed them of the puppies who were living without their mother. They had to go to investigate to the place! And once they reached, they peeked inside and they were sure of the information they have received!

Almost instantly one of the men from the team got hold of the paw of one of the puppy. And so he pulled him out making sure that he did not get bitten by the pup. The pup soon cried for help as he had never had any human touch before but was soon quieted. His voice, though, had alarmed other pups who got further back into the small, narrow little cave.

The rescue mission surely gets interesting at this point in time. Read on to know what happened further. And don't forget to watch the entire rescue mission in the video ahead

The man had no option but to crawl inside the narrow cave to rescue some more puppies from the cave. He saved 2 of them when the other ones crawled further inside at a spot which was impossible for them to reach.

So they reached another end of the cave and started digging out there ensuring that the cave wouldn't collapse. The man again crawled back in, getting the rest of the puppies out. At one point, he had to grab one by the foot, making it east for the puppy to bite him, which it did.

They had 8 puppies rescued and they thought they're done rescuing, but the man thought to double check! When he got to the cave, he was surprised to see what he witnessed! Read on to know!

As he crawled in the cave one last time, he was correct in his intuition, there was one more puppy. Now, when all of the other puppies were brought out, they cried and yelped. But this one was different. As he pulled her out, there was no crying, no shaking, nothing. They could easily tell she was the youngest of the lot! They were glad they double checked!

Check out the entire rescue operation in this video!

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