Remember The Promise Mia Khalifa Made About Donald Trump's Victory?


#3 USA Presidential Elections

#3 USA Presidential Elections

Donald Trump's victory came as a surprise for almost everyone all around he world. Although popular votes were with Hillary, Donald Trump successfully managed to somehow make his way through to victory.

While the campaign was still on, many people thought the victory of Trump to be an impossible event and therefore, celebrities went on to make different promises which by the way were very weird.

#2 Weird Promises

#2 Weird Promises

Speaking of weird promises and claims, Amy Schumer promised to leave the United States of America if Donald Trump won the elections. The Bizarre most promise came by Pop star Madonna when she promised to give voters oral $ex if they voted for Hillary Clinton and not Trump.

Mia Khalifa being Mia Khalifa, hated Madonna's promise. And that is when she came up with an equally weird promise for Trump's supporters. This promise though would've excited men all around the world.

Keep reading ahead to see what that promise was.

#1 Here Comes Khalifa

#1 Here Comes Khalifa

Khalifa was annoyed by Madonna and that is when even she went ahead and promised to provide oral $ex to Donald's supporters if he won. Now these are some weird promises that no one is willing to control.

But now that Trump has won, people are waiting for Khalifa's reaction and her promise. It'll be interesting to see her reaction though! It's worth a wait guys!

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