Proof That You Should Never Believe Your Own Eyes

Never trust your eyes in crucial moments. They can be wrong. Checkout why...

#2 Peripheral Vision

#2 Peripheral Vision

How well do you know your peripheral vision? It makes up part of your overall field of vision, which is around 190 degrees. But if you think it is flawless and perfect, you are wrong.

Sometimes, it creates illusions that causes us to see things which don't really exist. That makes it really difficult to figure out the reality. Confused? Don't be!

Here we have something for you ahead that'll make you understand what we are trying to say and why your eyes aren't reliable enough in crucial situations.

Checkout the proof ahead.

#1 The Proof

#1 The Proof

So all you have to do is focus on the cross at the center of the picture without glancing away. You'll figure out what your peripheral vision does with these celebrity faces.

It converts them into MONSTERS. Why does this happen? Here, our main field of vision is empty; there's just a dark area with a white cross. The brain tries to take information from other sources located outside of the main field - in this case, the alternating pictures on the left and right. Therefore, our brain is trying to combine them into one image. It's also the speed in which the images change. Crazy, right?

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