Police Discover A Tiny Wooden Box, But When They Realize What's Been Living Inside, They Can't Keep It Together!

What could that little box have contained?

#5 The Box!

#5 The Box!

What could be the worst nightmare for a 3-year old? Boo Boo man? The doll in the cabinet? Or staying in a wooden box in complete ignorance?

9 people have been arrested after police found a little girl asleep in a tiny wooden box. The child's father and his wife, among those held for this misconduct seemed rather unaffected!

#4 The Condition!

#4 The Condition!

The plywood box, a two-foot square was discovered in the family’s living room.

Officers in Indiana, US, say the toddler would be kept in the this box for extended periods of time. Even though the box was right in the living room, the girl was hardly spoken to!

How could someone be so cruel?

#3 The Story Unwinds!

#3 The Story Unwinds!

What triggered the inspection was a phone call from an Indiana state prison inmate inquiring about a little girl. He said the girl was possibly being held in a plywood box

Shocked, the authorities inspected a home in North Judson, where they found the toddler asleep inside a bug-infested, urine smelling box!

#2 The 'Parents'!

#2 The 'Parents'!

"It's one of those deals, you go there and think, 'Hopefully, this is not true,'" Jeff Richwine, the Pulaski County sheriff, told reporters.

Christopher Short, 25, the girl's father, and his wife, Donna, 42,were charged with neglect of a dependent. In court, they both stated that the girl would live in the box, by choice. Other kids in the house did not seem to agree!

#1 Living in Ignorance!

The box was adept with locking facilities. The father never let her meet anyone and confined her to this hell hole, especially after her mother died a few years ago!

The police found five other juveniles in the residence!

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