Pineberries Are White Strawberries That Taste Like Pineapples

No, these aren't Strawberries

#2 Not A Strawberry

#2 Not A Strawberry

This fruit should definitely be in the list of Most Crazy Food items that people eat. Majority of the people in this world identify this fruit as a Strawberry when they look at it for the first time. But these little things are neither a strawberry nor a Litchi. These are called Pineberries. But because of their similar looks, Pineberries are also known as 'White Strawberries'.

The best thing about this fruit is that it looks like a Strawberry but tastes like a Pineapple. It is safe to say that these little things are a mixture of too many fruits. If you think that this fruit is relatively new in our world then you are wrong. It's not! In fact, you will be shocked when you'll read about it's origin ahead.

So keep reading ahead to know more about this unusual fruit.

#1 Pineberry

#1 Pineberry

This fruit is not new at all. In fact, this fruit first came into existence in the mid 18th century. But ya, it got famous in the year 2003 thanks to a strawberry breeder called Hans de Jongh. He started Marketing these berries for the first time.

Initially, Pineberries were considered to be an English fruit but slowly, it gained popularity in every corner of this world. Pineberries are healthier than your regular Strawberries and plus, they look good. The only thing that bothers us is that it is very expensive. But if you can find it around you and afford it, you won't be disappointed. So according to me, this fruit is definitely worth trying at least Once!

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