The Internet Is Divided Over The Verdict OF This Picture. Which Side Are You On?

The Internet is divided over this picture. Which side are you on? Take a look...

#3 Internet

#3 Internet

I don't even have to start talking about the impact of Internet. Now a days, it so so easy for anything and everything to instantly get viral online. In just matter of minutes, things become famous.

This picture that we are about to show you is one such example of a viral post on Internet. But people are kind of divided on the verdict.

#2 The Caption

#2 The Caption

The photo in question was clicked by Heather Whitten, a photographer from Arizona. She posted this photo of her son Fox being cradled by her husband, the boy's father Thomas Whitten.

In the image above, you can see the caption used for this photo while uploading. Within hours, the photo was shared over 20k times.

Keep reading ahead to see the picture

#1 The Picture

#1 The Picture

The picture we were talking about is this picture. You've already read the caption. Now you decide whether the picture is disgusting or an emotional moment captured beautifully.

There are people who think this picture is disgusting and at worst it has been described as having resemblance to pedophilia. Which side are you on? Let us know by commenting below.

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