People On Internet Are Fighting Over This. What Direction Is This Train Moving?

Is the train moving into the tunnel or coming out of it? What do you think?

#2 An Internet Saga Again

#2 An Internet Saga Again

Do you remember the Blue or golden dress saga that shattered the internet all around the world. It gained a sudden popularity amongst the Internet users all around the world. And now, we have something of that sort again. Its just that it isn't a dress this time but the direction in which this train is moving.

If you concentrate properly, you'll realize that it is really difficult to figure which way is this train moving. Whether it is moving into the tunnel or coming out of it? Now you are curious to see the train, aren't you? Check out the next page for that.

#1 The Train

#1 The Train

So here is the train. Look at it. What do you think? Which direction is this train moving? Is it going towards the tunnel? No? Yes? Going the other way? Isn't it confusing. I think differently from what my friend does. This is exactly like the other internet sensations now where people have different views regarding the same topic. It'll take you a lot of time to reach to a conclusion btw. All the best for that and do tell us your views by commenting here below.

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