People Debunk The Biggest Myths Behind What People Thought Were Facts

I don't know whether to be sad or happy.

#17 I am glad this is not true.

That people swallow eight spiders a year in their sleep.

Turns out this was made up as part of an experiment to show how easy it was to start an urban legend.



#16 The Harsh Truth

That vitamin C cures the common cold or helps shorten the duration of a cold.

I just graduated with a degree in food and nutrition and it was always drilled in my head from multiple professors that vitamin C does not cure the common cold like so many believe. It's a marketing ploy by companies to sell cold products and it a high success rate. Whenever they slap the "vitamin C" on the front of their label they are able to sell more because a lot of consumers are misinformed. If I learned anything over the years, don't trust the FRONT of the label. They're trying to sell you something and will say next to anything to get you to buy it. The back of the label (ingredient list) is where they have to be as accurate as possible.

Yes, if your vitamin C stores are low then taking it would be recommended, but most people living on Western countries don't have this problem. Taking mega doses of vitamins (unless otherwise instructed from your doctor) is pretty much paying for expensive pee, especially with water soluble vitamins like vitamin C. The best way to get your vitamins is through food. There is a UL (upper limit) for vitamin C, but it is unlikely to overdose on it.

A cold virus cannot be cured, you just have to let it run it's course. Drinking plenty of fluids, sleeping, and eating right can help your body fight it off faster.



#15 Whoa!

Carrots help improve your eyesight. When in fact it was a ploy by the British in WWII saying they fed their pilots a diet filled with carrots to cover up the fact they had developed radar.

The Germans believed them and so do many people to this day.



#14 Never thought about this....

That Napoleon was short. He was actually slight taller than the average Frenchman at the time.

Paintings of Napoleon have inadvertently corroborated the myth. He's typically shown surrounded by his bodyguards. Bodyguards are typically selected for being man-mountains who could stop anything that threatened their charge. With that context lost, people see paintings of Napoleon surrounded by men much larger than him and assume it's one short guy surrounded by average guys, not on average guy surrounded by huge guys.



#13 Lesson To Be Remembered

That the lady who sued McDonalds over the spilled coffee was an idiot who was just out to get money, and that she made off with millions of dollars in her lawsuit.

McDonalds was serving their coffee at 190 degrees F, which causes 2nd degree burns almost instantly. Their coffee was much, much hotter than was safe for human consumption. Their logic was, that by serving it hotter, it would still be warm after you reached your destination.

Her burns were extremely severe, and as an elderly person, its even harder to heal from something like this. She didn't "make off with millions", she was only suing McDonalds because they refused to cover her medical expenses. She only made off with something like $640,000 in the end.

I had a discussion with a coworker today about this, and had to clear up the facts for him. It seems like every time I hear a discussion about frivolous lawsuits, this case always comes up.



#12 Oh...

That Einstein flunked math. It was actually just made up by a journalist. Go figure.

When he was shown the article, he laughed and said

"I never failed in mathematics.... Before I was fifteen I had mastered differential and integral calculus."



#11 That thing about the hair

Shaved hair grows back thicker. Not true.

Technically it grows back "thicker" because what you're seeing is the base of the hair coming back in as opposed to the tapered end.

Waxing / plucking prevents this, or, simply no longer shaving the area and allowing it to grow back naturally.



#10 Really?

That blood is actually blue when deoxygenated, it isn't, rather it looks blue in your skin because of the way your skin reflects the blood's colour. Countless people don't know this or know a misconception!



#9 Taste

Different parts of the tongue correspond to different tastes, like sweet, salty sour etc. You can still find this one in textbooks.

The tongue map theory originates from a 1901 translation of a German paper Zur Psychophysik des Geschmacksinnes. Mostly due to some odd representation of data, the idea that there are minute differences in threshold detection levels across the tongue, got turned into the idea that each part of the tongue tastes exactly one basic taste. This is not true. In fact, new research on mice shows that all taste buds can detect all basic tastes, it's our brain that actually identifies the differences. So while there may be differences in sensitivity across the tongue, every part of your tongue can detect all basic flavors.



#8 No touching!

That mother birds will abandon their young if you touch them. Turns out they most likely won't know.

That said, you really shouldn't touch wild birds. Especially dead or near dead ones, because they can have a host of communicable diseases.



#7 Huh?

Undercover police must identify themselves when asked directly.

"Alright Jonno, you got the product?"

"Sure thing boss. Where we takin' it?"

"Over the border Jonno boy, far far away. Where we'll be safe."

"Sounds good boss."

"Oh, but Jonno..."


"You been with us months now. I'm sure we can trust you. But there's one thing I gotta know - you ain't no cop are you?"

"Gosh darn, you got me!"



#6 It's hard being pregnant

I'm currently very very pregnant, and there are SO MANY myths regarding pregnancy that are hilariously meaningless in real life. My current favorites are all the people trying to guess the baby's sex based on the shape and height of my belly. Except there's no agreement whatsoever. I've had people guess boy because my belly is high and boy because it's low, and girl because it's high, and girl because it's low.

So they can't even agree on where the belly sits, never mind what that actually says about its occupant.



#5 What now?!

Your heart stops when you sneeze. It doesn't. That's just called cardiac arrest.



#4 Sounds good

If in the United States you donate food and that food makes someone sick, they cannot sue you in court actually.

Under the Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, which states that unless there is gross negligence or intentional misconduct, then you cannot be held liable for making that person sick.



#3 Pretty True

"The the wedding ring is worn on the left fourth finger is because it is the only finger with a vein connecting to the heart."

All fingers have veins and all veins connect to the heart.



#2 The Honest Truth

Detoxing or Cleansing will help you lose weight.

Actually no, the only time your body needs detox is if you're addicted to drugs. Cleanses don't do anything except make you lose water weight, or drop a bit due to malnutrition. It all comes right back in no time.

Sorry folks, good diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight and KEEP it off long term. Aside from surgery, but even that weight will come back if you do not change your habits.



#1 Good thing to know

Nuclear reactors can explode like nuclear bombs. No, no they can't. They can get really hot and melt stuff or maybe set something else on fire that can explode. They do not explode like nuclear ordinance.



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