People Can't Agree On The Answer To This Basic Math Problem

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#3 Maths Problem

#3 Maths Problem

Go back in time and think about the days when you were in school. So if I ask you, which was your favorite subject in the school, what will be your answer? Okay, there can be multiple answers of this question.

But if I ask you about the subject you hated the most, the majority will say MATHS. Let us take you in a flashback with a Maths problem.

#2 The Question

#2 The Question

So this is the question. Look at it properly. Seems to be an easy one, right? Well, if you can quickly find an answer of this problem than it certainly is an easy problem.

But people just can't agree on the answer of this problem. Don't worry, we'll tell you the correct answer mathematically.

Keep reading ahead to know the answer.

#1 The Answer

#1 The Answer

So before we tell you the answer, let us remind you of this technique called PEDMAS. So if we use this technique in the above problem, we have to multiply first and then comes addition and finally subtraction.

So the question comes down to 3-(3X6)+2=?. This further can be simplified as 3-(18+2)=? And the final answer will be 3-20 which equals to -17. Therefore the correct answer is -17.

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