One Single Photo Changed The Life Of This Man. Checkout How

This man was selling pens on the road with his daughter on his shoulders. A stranger clicked his picture and then...

#3 A Syrian Refugee

#3 A Syrian Refugee

Sometimes, it is simply disgusting to see a human being running from group of other human beings to survive. Such is the case in Syria right now. Nothing in that country is going right. This story is about a refuge from there.

So, a Syrian refugee, Abdul Halim al-Attar was attempting to support his family by selling pens in Beirut, carrying his daughter on his shoulders with him as he did.

#2 A Random Stranger

#2 A Random Stranger

To call his family, Abdul only had his daughter. His wife returned to Syria months after they fled, but he stayed back to give his daughter a better and most importantly a safer future.

One fine evening, he was selling his pens when a random stranger came and clicked his picture. This random stranger was Gissur Simonarso, a web developer from Norway.

Keep reading ahead to see what he did with Abdul's picture.

#1 The Inspirational Man

#1 The Inspirational Man

So Gissur started a crowdfunding venture to raise money for the two - the final amount totaling over $200,000. Now this is some brilliant Job done here!

Doing something like this for a random stranger is a great thing. Al-Attar used the money to open up businesses in Lebanon and, further, he hired refugees to work in them providing livelihoods for people just like him. This is great right?

Al-Attar further said,"Not only did my life change, but also the lives of my children and the lives of people in Syria whom I helped." Now this man is inspirational, isn't he?

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