One Silly Mistake By The Grandparents And Their 11-Month-Old's Life Came To An End.

One devastating blunder and the little baby lost his life.

#3 When Happiness Comes

#3 When Happiness Comes

It won't be wrong if I say kids and happiness are synonyms to each other. Their laughter spread immense happiness in one's life, undoubtedly. Especially the mother's, no other joy or worldly pleasure can replace the feeling a woman gets when she becomes a mother.

Mandie Hendershot gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, 11 months ago. Being an ER nurse on the night shifts, balancing work and family was a tough challenge for her. One fine day she had decided to take a break from work and family, left her son at her parent's house for a few hours so that she could get some sound sleep. Least did she know what was about to happen!

Her so called peaceful sleep turned out to be the most disheartening one in her life.

#2 Baby's Day Out!

#2 Baby's Day Out!

Meta and Kayle Hendershot, the kid's grandparents, had taken him to church. Their another daughter's baby had accompanied them too. On returning home Jason Taylor, the kid, was left in the car for about 2 hours and sadly, when they realized the baby was missing, he was dead already.

It was blazing hot with temperature touching the 90s. It's well known to us how hot our car gets when kept in such hot temperatures.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution states, "After returning home, Meta Hendershot opened the car door next to Jaxon’s seat, then went to the house to unload other items first. On her way into the home, she heard the car door slam shut. Kyle Hendershot had unloaded items from the back of the car, before leaving to take the family dog for a walk. Upon returning, he joined his wife in bed."

What exactly had happened to the kid? Continue ahead.

#1 Major Missing!

#1 Major Missing!

Jason's death has shattered many lives, specially Mandie's. In spite of being an experienced ER nurse, neither could she revive her son's life nor the paramedic were able to do so. Before rushing to the hospital she'd performed CPR but it was too late. Jason was announced dead on arrival at the hospital.

The autopsy reports have confirmed that the little boy lost his life due to hyperthermia.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson told CN "Temperature in a closed vehicle can reach as high as 131 to 172 degrees in as little as 15 minutes. Though the investigation is not officially closed, no criminal charges have been filed. There was a lack of communication between the three adults. They assumed that one of the others had brought in the child and laid him down. They didn't communicate who would get the child."

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