Olympic swimmer explains why he gives the middle finger before every race

The reason is quite shocking indeed.

#3 Meet Santo Condorelli

#3 Meet Santo Condorelli

It's that year again! Olympics fever is in the air! Where every worthy athlete athlete from around the world competes for the ultimate sports event ever.

Here's a big shout out to all our beloved athletes! Do your best and make us proud!

That being said, you happen to tune into some Olympic swimming events in the next few days, you will be in for a very rude shock when you see Santo Condorelli, who's representing Canada in the 100-metre freestyle and relay.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, it's quite simple actually...

Santo Condorelli gives the middle finger before the start of every race!

Read on to know more!

#2 Why 'flip the bird'?

#2 Why 'flip the bird'?

When Santo was asked this question, he said that it was not directed at anyone but rather done as a tactic to boost his spirits up!

It's nothing harmful, it has a logical explanation!

When Santo was about 8 years old, he used to often get frustrated when he was beaten by older swimmers. And thus, his dad Joseph came up with this unique plan. And guess what?It works! At least it did for Santo.

Want to know how this tactic helped? Read on!

#1 His dad asked him to show his middle finger to him!

"[My father said] 'You've got to build your confidence yourself and say eff everybody else that you're racing',"Santo was quoted as saying by The Canadian Press. "He said 'Every time you're behind the blocks, give me the finger and I'll give it back to you."'

But this little trick was not without consequences!

Once when Santo carried out this little tradition, his father was placed directly behind national TV. Which caused quite a commotion indeed.

"I was looking at my father and I gave him the finger . . . directing it right at the camera," the swimmer recalls. "I had to write an apology."

Check out the video to see for yourself the incident!

What do you think?Should Santo continue with this little habit of his? Let us know by commenting below!

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