North Korea Is All Set To Start A War After Latest US Move

The situation is getting really intense

Two armed countries, two autocratic leaders and one deadly weapon! Let's just say one very deadly Nuclear weapon. Can you imagine the consequences? Well, no! Not you, not me not any one else! No one can imagine the consequences if one country decides to shoot war against the other.

The countries in contention here are USA and North Korea. The relationship between these two countries is deteriorating with every passing day and night for that matter!

Recently, Donald trump tweeted and Facebooked something that created a stir in the world politics. Look at the image and you'll know what he said.

We know Donald Trump can be a little aggressive (a lot in fact) but why is he so heated up with North Korea?

Keep reading ahead to know the entire story.

The entire tension is regarding North Korea's missile tests. The point is that despite the threats from the US, North Korea is unlikely to change its behavior and attitude towards threatening issue of nuclear arms.

The interesting bit here is the involvement of China. Another post by Trump would make you understand why China is in the picture. Look at the image.

In order to seek help from China, Trump also offered a trade deal to China. He's been pretty vocal about all of this on his social networking accounts.

The move has already raised tensions in the region and among the concerned countries. To the entire situation, N.Korea reacted by saying it would counter "reckless acts of aggression" with "whatever methods the US wants to take."

The move of sending US strike carrier group by the US has already raised tensions in the region and among the concerned countries. This might very well lead to a war that the world isn't ready to witness.

The fact that both these countries are major nuclear powers, things can get more complicated from here on. Let's just hope for the best!

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