Neighbors Complained About Noise, So Man Set Up A Camera To Investigate The Matter

Neighbors were complaining when no one was at home!

So, what will you do when all of a sudden your neighbours start complaining of strange noises from your home when you're not even at home?! Yes, exactly this is what happened with this man who got complaints from his neighbours who told him different stories!

He was shocked because, at that time of the day, no one was present in the house, but his dog. When his curiosity grew, he decided to take an action against it!

He installed a camera to see what his little snowball did when he's alone at the home! What he found out did not only laugh him out loud but also stunned him to the core

And this is why he decided to show it out to the world. Keep reading to know. And don't miss out on the video at the end.

So turns out that this little lonely lovely dog actually passed him time playing the giant piano howling the song of his choice. It is really the funniest thing you'll ever see

Go ahead to check the video of this little cute dog!

Here's the video of the adorable animal! Check it out!

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