Naked Man Attempts Suicide Jumping Into Lions' Den, Ends In Bloodshed And Tragedy

A suicidal 20-year-old man is recovering after breaking into a lion's cage in a Chilean zoo on Saturday. Two African lions housed at Santiago Zoo instinctively pounced on the man and severely mauled him. Sadly, the lions and had to be put down in order to save the man's life.

#3 The Man jumps to the lions

#3 The Man jumps to the lions

According to the statement posted by the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo, a 20 year old man, stripped off himself and jumped to the lions in an attempt to commit suicide. The letter found in his clothing validated his attempt.

This man named Franco Luis Ferrada Roman was however survived by the authorities of the Santiago Zoo! He was then moved to the nearby hospital for the treatment as his condition was very grave.

#2 Lions were shot dead.

#2 Lions were shot dead.

The alarming thing that gave birth to larger debates was the fact that those two lions, who were least at fault, were shot dead by the zoo authorities.Though the authorities have expressed that this incident was "profoundly painful" to them as well,yet, the truth remains intact!

In an attempt to save the guy who jumped into the lions' cage, the lions' had to give up their lives! In an interview, the director of the zoo, Alejandra Montalva, said: 'We believe that this person entered as a visitor and paid for his ticket.

Check ahead the entire footage.

#1 The Video

The witnesses also have a word to say. One of the witness said, "He entered the enclosure from above and the lions started to play with him, and then after they attacked him." Another witness added: ‘There were a lot of children there, and parents covered their eyes while it was going on."

The incident is highly disturbing to everyone round the globe and hence it stirred a lot of mixed responses! Attempting to kill oneself is a grave breach of law in all the countries and the authoritative forces must take all the actions to prevent it, however, how far killing off the lions are justifiable is still a matter of debate!

The video has the entire footage of the incident. Hence, it might be disturbing for some of the viewers. Please watch at your convenience!


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