NOPE: He Got Bit By A Spider. When I Saw What Happened After He Pricked Himself? I Was TERRIFIED!

Honestly, I couldn't look at the screen properly after this guy pricked himself. I bet, even you can't.

#4 The Spiders

#4 The Spiders

Personally, I've never liked spiders. There is something very weird and off about them which is disturbingly very scary. I always try to maintain some safe distance from them for safety issues.

This story just proves my concern right. After watching the video ahead, you'll realise that a spider bite can actually be very deadly. It can be much more than a mere pain at the part it bit you.

#3 The Reaction

#3 The Reaction

Let us tell you a fun Fact (understand the sarcasm) when you get bit by a spider there's a multitude of different reactions your body will have depending on which type of spider it was.

This guy got bit by an unknown spider and the reaction wasn't encouraging at all! What happened with him isn't easy to watch.

Try watching it ahead but on your own risk...

#2 A Deadly trip

#2 A Deadly trip

This guy that we are talking about took a trip to Indiana. There, he was bit by an unknown spider. His body swelled but he never expected the swelling to turn into something this horrifying.

In order to try and get some relief from the swelling, the guy had a great idea to prick the infected area but this turned out to be the worst decision of his life.

Look into the video ahead to see what happened with this guy next.

#1 The Video

As soon as this guy pricked the infected area, things went beyond disgusting. Pus just started pouring out of the area, enough to even astonish the man with the problem! We WARN you, look at this video below on your own risk. As mentioned earlier, I couldn't, can you?

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